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In Memory of Apolonia "Lena" Jankowski Zielinski, 1899-1992

Family History of the ZIELINSKI, JANKOWSKI, BRODZINSKI, and LEWANDOWSKI families, among others,
including many photos, places, maps, documents, biographies, anecdotes, and historical essays.

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A little bit about Lena...

  Lena was born in Antigo, Wisconsin on December 11, 1899, the daughter of Mike Jankowski and Rosalia Lewandowski. At the age of 24, she married Anton "Lawrence" Zielinski. They had 6 children, 23 grandchildren, and many more great grandchildren. Lena lived her entire married life at 635 5th Street in Menasha, Wisconsin, where she died in 1992.
Lena was a very special person and touched all those who were fortunate enough to know her.

Our Family Tree

  Lucas Jankowski
1761 Poland
1831 Czarkowo, Poland
Anna Kaczmierzakow
1765 Poland
1835 Czarkowo, Poland
  Laurenty Frackowiak

Sophia Unknown 
Joannes Roszynski

Marianna Sniezeska 
      Boguslai Ott

Barbara Mackowiak 
  Joseph Jankowski
1795 Czarkowo, Poland
1852 Franciszkowo, Poland 
  Chrysostomo Frackowiak
1797 Czarkowo, Poland
death unknown 
Constantia Roszynska
1809 Poniec, Poland
1854 Franciszkowo, Poland
      Marianna Ottowna
1802 Drzewce, Poland
1835 Drzewce, Poland
Constantin Jankowski
1829 Czarkowo, Poland
1908 R
olling, Wisconsin
  Barbara Frackowiak
1835 Drzewce, Poland
1893 Rolling, Wisconsin
  John Lewandowski
1827 Poland
1902 Menasha, Wisconsin
  Anna Pawlikowski
1832 Poland
1903 Menasha, Wisconsin
        Czarkowo/Charlub                   Nikolayken        
      Mike Jankowski
1861 Charlub, Poland
1956 Menasha, Wisconsin
          Rosa Lewandowski
1865 Micholiak, Poland
1948 Menasha, Wisconsin
Apolonia "Lena" Jankowski
1899 Rolling, Wisconsin
1992 Menasha, Wisconsin
                Anton Florian "Lawrence" Zielinski
1896 Menasha, Wisconsin
1964 Menasha, Wisconsin
Frank Peter Zielinski
1872 Poland
1937 Menasha, Wisconsin
Margaretta "Sophie" Brodzinski
1870 Poland
1947 Menasha, Wisconsin
        Portschweiten                   Szucie        
John Zielinski
1839 Tillendorf, Poland
1916 Menasha, Wisconsin
  Elizabeth Witkowski
1842 Poland
1911(?) Menasha, Wisconsin
  Nicholas Brodzinski   Marga Klonowska
Joseph Zielinski
      Adalbert Witkowski
  Anna Kryniewska
  Constantia Marcinski

Our Family History

The Old Country  Immigration The New World
Poland - Our Origins  about the immigration experience  about the U.S. in the 1880's 
Poland's Interesting History the immigrants Wisconsin
Poland's Border Changes ports of embarkation Michigan
  passenger ships Georgia
Jankowski's in Poland ports of arrival  
Lewandowski's in Poland Jankowski Family Immigration  
Zielinski's in Poland Lewandowski Family Immigration  
Brodzinski's in Poland Zielinski Family Immigration  
Poland Today Brodzinski Family Immigration  


Family Timelines

Brodzinski Lewandowski
Frackowiak Witkowski
Jankowski Zielinski


Where did they come from?

Poland - Lena and Lawrence's ancestors all came from Poland, immigrating to America in the late 19th century. They came from three different areas of Poland: Posen, Plock, and West Prussia.

...and where did they go to?

United States of America

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